Gray Painted Furniture

IMG_7413Time to paint the gray furniture.  The 4 year old princess has requested a ‘hot pink’ room at the new house.  The current state of her painted furniture (bright coral and light turquoise) is just not going to work.  I downgraded the ‘hot pink’ to light pink and promised some hot pink throw pillows.  Pinspiration for the ballerina pink and gray girl’s room was as follows:





Maxi-Skirt-Outfits-Ideas-for-Girls20[1]Products used:

Citrus stripper, plastic scraper, sanding block, tack cloth, mineral spirits, Sherwin Williams’ multi-purpose primer-1 coat, Dollar tree paint brushes x2, Sherwin Williams eggshell-finish paint in Dorian Gray (by Benjamin Moore)-2 coats, Polycrylic in Satin-2coats.   To avoid a boring tutorial….I’ve listed the products that I used in the order that I used them.  The citrus stripper was amazing.  Burned right through 2 layers of polycrylic and 2 layers of homemade chalk paint in less than an hour.  Although I had to sand and strip the crevices a second time to get rid of all of the coral; 95% of it came off with the first application of the stripper.  The smell was pleasant and I didn’t develop chemical pneumonia.  A plus.  It was somewhat like peeling off sunburned skin with a melted balloon appearance.  I plan to use Benjamin Moore- Love and Happiness on the walls.  Questions?  Just leave a comment.

How to Move and Not Gain Weight

The title of this post should read ‘note to self’.  I am a planner by nature and I also eat really bad when I am super-stressed/busy.  I am a little nervous that during our upcoming move I will unpack that bathroom scale and be a tad disappointed in what it has to say.  AND.  I am also hoping to reward our massive moving efforts with a midsummer beach trip.  Who wants to spend their reward vacation feeling blah in a bikini? Not me!  So, my next grocery trip find me in microwave and paper-plate mode.  And blender and fridge and crockpot mode, too.  Are you visualizing my temporary garage kitchen setup yet?  This plan may work as a vacation menu as well- with a few extra ‘cheat meals’ and frozen drinks thrown in for good measure 🙂





What’s my typical SMOOTHIE RECIPE?

1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder

-1 cup of almond milk or cashew milk (vanilla, unsweetened)

-1-2 cups spinach or kale

-1 cup frozen berries

-1 tsp stevia powder

-1 tsp chia or flaxseeds


Amy’s Organics or Atkins’ frozen meal + bagged salad + vinaigrette


Subway chopped salad


Crockpot Chicken and Microwaveable steambag veggies

Snacks (x2)

Quest Protein Bars

Green apple with almond butter

Hope this helps! Any other ideas? would love some in comments!


Let the Move Begin!

IMG_7369 (2)

So we found out about a week ago that we will definitely be selling our current home and moving into a new (to us) and larger home. This change has literally been years in the making. I can post later on the long, dramatic story…and perhaps a word about handling emotions and developing your patience while your home is on the market;).  Right now, the six of us are very excited!  I am going to do my best to chronical the move.  So step 1 was actually when we prepped our home to sell and ‘staged’ it.  This kicked out a lot of our clutter, but I do so miss my family pictures on the wall.  Step 2: was emptying the attic.  Suprisingly, this only took about a half day, then another couple of hours to haul what was left to storage.  The kids helped take all of the boxes to the garage and driveway.  I sorted  the piles into keep/trash/donate.  The ‘keep’ piles were color-coded with washi tape.  Hopefully, this will make unpacking a little easier.

IMG_7370 (1)From left to right: Christmas, girls’ room, boy3’s room,boy 2’s room, our bedroom, easter, boy 1’s room. Every box will have a strip of this tape on all sides and top…then I only have to write what is in it, not where it goes.

We also emptied a large storage closet in our garage. It was mostly camping and my husband’s hunting stuff.  We filled up his huge truck and took a field trip to the donation bins…again.  It was freeing:)


What I Ate -Week 1

I am going to attempt to share my fitness pal diary snapshots with you.  I try to stay reasonably within my caloric parameters Monday-Saturday.  Sundays are my ‘cheat days”, where I indulge and rest.  I feel that ‘cheat days’ are important to boost your metabolism, as well as to keep me from feeling deprived.  Come Monday, I am recharged and recommitted to my healthy habits.

IMG_7344 (2)IMG_7348IMG_7349 (1)

IMG_7345 (1)IMG_7346 (2)IMG_7347




Workout Week 1 ( 4/10-4/16)

Monday’s workout

Cardio x 20 min + back/ biceps

Today’s workout involved using the stationary bike x 20 min. After warming up for 5 min (easy/moderate intensity), I do intervals of 1-2 min (difficult intensity), followed by 2min back to easy/moderate intensity.  I finish with a cooldown during the last 3 minutes, backing down a level per minute until I get back to easy…Done!

My typical workouts involve getting the cardio over with first, then moving onto weight training.  I like to start with 3 different exercises per muscle group.  I will typically do 3 sets of 8-15 reps for upper body work.  I used to do the same for my lower body, but have since switched to 4 sets of 15-20 reps (lower weight than I previously did with less reps).   This is an attempt to balance my smaller upper body with my larger lower half ;).  If you have toothpicks for legs and worry about arm flab, we can still be friends.  Just reverse what I am doing for upper/ lower.  I am not a personal trainer, so I am choosing to provide you with links to follow along so you can use their expertise for perfect form.  That site was my go-to when I was getting started or was trying to figure out what a particular machine was for.  When  listed as exercise/ exercise, I am referring to performing these 2 exercise as a circuit, meaning that I do them back to back, rest for 30 sec-1 min and do again until all 3 sets are completed.  Not only does this cut down on total workout time, it also sneaks in some extra cardio.

1.Row machine/ preacher curl

2.Assisted dips

3.Dumbbell bicep curl/ hammer curl

4. Lower back raises/ Stability Ball crunches

While I kept the back raises to 10-12 reps, I did 4 sets of 25 reps of the crunches.

Tuesday’s workout

HIIT Cardio x15 min + triceps/ chest/ shoulders

For today’s workout, I was busy all morning and afternoon.  This wound up being an after dinner workout at ~7pm.  My workouts can range anywhere from 45 min to 1.5 hours.   Squeezing a workout in usually = dumbbells and youtube.  I hope this encourages you to squeeze in your workouts- doing something is better than doing nothing.

Cardio HIIT x15 min from Melissa Bender

  1. bench dips/ shoulder shrugs/ plank for 30 seconds/ pushups

2.  tricep floor press/ dumbbell chest press/ external shoulder rotation

I am working on an original source for the tricep floor press. I believe it was from a Ballet beautiful workout, but can’t find it.

3.  tricep kickback/ front shoulder raises/ side shoulder raises

Wednesday’s Workout

This was another ‘squeezed-in’ workout.  I had an hour this evening before the gym daycare closed.  After a quick 5 min warm up, I performed these exercises in succession with 30 sec to 1 min of rest between each set.  4 sets of 12-20 repetitions is my rule for legs.

1.Hack Squat

2.Leg curl

3.Thigh abductor/ adductor machine circuit

4.Leg extensions

5. Calf raises

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday’s Workout- Cardio/ Abs

Treadmill x30 min


-min5-26=5min@5.0 mph/3min@3.5

-min26-30=cooldown back to 3.0mph

  1. hanging leg raises/ weighted crunches/ dumbbell side bends

3 sets of 15-20 reps each, performed in circuit

Saturday/Sunday -Rest