Valentines Day Decor (cheap & easy)

I pin a lot of ideas for this time of year, but I never actually use them. This ensemble took about 5 minutes. I shoved a box labeled ‘valentines day’ in a holiday storage closet when we moved. The contents? Walmart blankets and plushies galore from a grandparent last year. Dishes x 4 kids from a different grandparent last year ( like new because they have to be hand washed?). Then I came across a wide,  pink satin ribbon while I was looking for an item for a school project. Actually, that part happened first. Then I thought… ‘let’s break out the Valentine’s Day stuff’. LOVE this holiday. Sadly, it gets very little attention in this house because 4 out of 6 of our birthdays happen right around this holiday.   The dish towels and too small (size not marked ?) tablecloth were about $7 total at Ross.

Moral of the Story…

Save all of the plushy, gaudy stuff they get this year and use it to decorate next year.  Or you can just go to the thrift store and purchase the load I dumped out at the thrift store the year before last?.

Menu Plan for the week
This seems to be working so far this week. Dropped 2 lbs in 2 days.  I usually do something a little drastic for one week a month and then finish the month by being a slave to my fitness pal points. It TRULY is 80% what you eat

                   20% workout

Shopping for bikinis online helps when the hunger hits ? 

Breakfast-fruit and nuts

Lunch-lean meat, vegetables, yogurt

Snack-salad or cucumbers, olive oil, salt

Dinner- 2 eggs and salad or cucumbers 

Dinner- Bedtime-green tea and a melatonin or Tylenol PM ?

Favorite Workout Guide

101 Workouts For Women: Everything You Need to Get a Lean, Strong, and Fit Physique
I did the at home arm workout on p. 42 this morning. Triceps. Basically,

  • Close-grip push-up
  • Lying dumbbell extension (skull crushers)
  • Side-lying push up
  • One – arm overhead dumbbell extension

Yesterday, I did 100 crunches and walked 30 min on treadmill.Leg day and Back/biceps day was earlier this week at the gym. I am sooooo happy to say I have made it three solid weeks of working out. No breaks longer than 48 hours. Cooking much more at home, making better choices when I go out. Not perfection…but definitely progress!