Spring sports season is about to amp-up for our people next week. Between the 4 kids, we have been doing 1 boyscout meeting and 1 gymnastics lesson per week all year. A couple of weeks ago, we had to start picking up my soon-to-be high school freshman? up from football workouts a couple of days per week.  Next week, we will be starting swim team twice per week with 2 of them for 6 weeks. By the time all of the spring sports chaos is over… it will be ??? season.  We’ve been really disciplined with our diet 6 days per week for the past 3 weeks.   2-3 weeks is also when I start losing steam with all of the cooking/ food prep. All of this just felt like a recipe for diet disaster. What to do? Batch Cook! We were a little nervous to do a full month at once. But doubling my typical grocery list and meal prepping efforts and freezing half seemed doable.  We hit ALDI as usual with this list in hand

3 items circled at bottom were things I had to get at Publix.

Across the top was my note to self on what I needed to cook when we got home:

I doubled every recipe except the paleo chili. That’s it in the first picture packed with my salad for lunch. The lasagna is delicious! Got a couple of servings out of each pan for 2 days of lunches ( with bell peppers and carrots). The rest we will eat for dinner this week… and the second pan will be frozen to use next week. We will serve the taco chicken on salad for ourselves and tortillas for the kids. Again, 1 for dinner this week and 1 for freezing to use next week. Same with the muffins. We are starting with those for breakfast, but if life gets crazy, I have a second batch I can whip out of the freezer and serve with scrambled eggs in 5 minutes?.  I cooked the dishes in the order I listed to make it all be done by the time the crockpot cut off. Add 30 min- 1 hr for cleanup. Guess what? No cooking for me for the next 2 weeks!!!???????

The binder is not pretty nor is it decorated with an awesome silhouette sticker. Obviously , all of my recipes come straight from Pinterest….I have a little frustration with logging into my phone 50 times while I am cooking to look back at the recipe. So… while I am at all of these activities with the kids, I scribble the recipes on notebook paper and have them categorized by breakfast, dinner, etc….using… none other than 1 of the many excessive white binders and divider tab sets owned by household following an epic school list failure.  ?

**I am going to be continuing the carb cycling on what would be my ‘low carb days’ as I have the previous 2 weeks. Feeling like my scale needs a nudge, though. On my no carb days…. I have decided to do this…http://healthyhomestead.com/lose-10-pounds-in-a-week/

Back to- nuts and berries for breakfast

Lunch is meat and salad ( meal prep dinners)

Dinner is 2 boiled eggs and veggie

2 days of this^^no carb, 2 days low carb, 1 day no carb, 1 day low carb.. cheat day Sunday.

Will let u know how it goes! I am doing progress pics and will sum up my pics and thoughts in 10 more days!

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  1. kristin

    hi! this is my favorite chili recipe… unfortunately the link no longer works! any chance you have it printed out and could send me a picture?? my family is desperate for me to make it again! 🙂

    • heidipowell@bellsouth.net

      I updated the post. Thanks for your interest Kristin! Now I’m thinking this would be perfect for dinner tonight!

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